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March 6, 2021
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Pray Fight Win



A 2016 bestseller must-to-read eBook

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    A 2016 bestseller must-to-read eBook

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    Buy the printed book for $49 Buy the ebook for $59

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    There are times when life brings us to our knees. In that spiritual battle, we question Who is in charge, who is not, and what kind of circumstances exist to feed those issues. We run to God and share the problem, waiting for Him to fix it, provide direction, or sometimes both. In the quest for providence and direction, it can feel like our prayers are on repeat, like the constant begging of a small child. In these pages, you will find depth, strength, solace, and encouragement in the words of Jesus and insights from a few battle-hardened saints who left some notes behind for you to follow on your own rugged path to victory. And a reminder of a merciful Judge who longs to move in the lives of His sons and daughters.

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