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Do It Yourself Passover


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This Easter season, do what Jesus did! This Complete Passover Haggadah liturgy was created for pastors, teachers, and families who want to enjoy a traditional Jewish Seder experience. The author delivers healthy doses of Jewish humor, fascinating facts from Jewish history, and explains many rich Passover traditions. The entire celebration points readers and participants to the true Lamb of God. And the material enables all to recognize and appreciate the true Lamb of God. And the material enables all to recognize and appreciate the profound connection between a Jewish Passover meal and the Last Supper of Jesus.

This book is the perfect tool to bring Passover to life in your home with your family. It was especially crafted for Christian leaders, Sunday Schools, and Bible study groups to rejoice in a meaningful Passover celebration in their fellowships.

This Haggadah will make you laugh and force you to think. The format is narrative. The research is substantive. And the purpose is powerfully spiritual. The unbreakable connection between Judaism and Christianity is masterfully explained as the Jewish roots of the Church are brought to life in this rich liturgy.

Rare perspectives and valuable insights are joyously shared in this book by a Jewish believer in Jesus. Hebrew and English prayers are featured throughout. Full English transliterations are included to make it easy for all to enjoy and participate.

The final event in which Jesus chose to be engaged was a Passover seder. Without the context of a traditional Jewish Passover celebration, the Church has no context for the Lamb of God or communion. If Passover was good enough for Jesus, why not His Church? This DO IT YOURSELF PASSOVER explains the things you need to know to lead or participate in what may be the most important biblical festival for the people of God.

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