A Passover Backstory + DIY Passover
March 5, 2021
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A Passover Backstory


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A Passover Backstory is the perfect “how-to” book for celebrating Passover.” If Passover was good enough for Jesus, why not His Church? The unbreakable connection between Judaism and Christianity is masterfully explained as the Jewish roots of the Church are brought to life in this volume.

  • The format is narrative.
  • The research is substantive.
  • The journey is fun and powerfully spiritual.
  • The tension between modern Easter Bunnies and God’s sacrificial lamb is confronted.

The author humorously pulls back the curtain on the mysteries of God’s Passover as he details the profound connection the Last Supper of Jesus. He serves up a feast of fascinating facts about classic Jewish traditions from a Christian perspective. This special edition contains a full Haggadah – the complete Jewish liturgy for a joyous Passover Seder. It’s perfect for churches, small groups, and families that want to celebrate this biblical festival. Hebrew and English prayers are featured with easy English transliterations for all to enjoy as the miraculous Exodus from Egypt is explored.

The final event before the Crucifixion of Jesus was His last Passover seder. Without that context, the Church has no context for the Lamb of God or communion. A Passover Backstory reveals the rest of the story.

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